Circus Performance big top



Will there ever be a Circus of this magnitude?  Will people in the audience really experience a true environment of many acts taking place simultaneously. challenges to bring the largest event to places throughout the world.

Circus performance

20130316-003411.jpgThis Circus act is for real.  The performers are broken up into various groups and concentrating on each of their individual group performances, and while they are performing, there are intermittent switches where one group integrates into another group’s performance, while the audience is blown away by the methodology and precision, transition and accuracy of successfully performing the trick, without a mistake.


Circus tent

20130316-003341.jpgHey Little kids, boys and girls, come under the Circus Tent.  Just imagine yourself headed to the Circus to see all the tricks, jumps, hoops and people having lot’s of fun.  Maybe you will see people flying through the air and showing juggling tricks, canon balls, and lots of family fun.

Circus Performance Balancing Act FAIL, but was it a success?

Check it out, this guy climbs the pieces of his high tower structure, and successfully balances for a few seconds, and WAH-LA!!! accomplished, he MADE IT, however, the judges needed to not vote for him, but indirectly, were saying to this guy that HE’S AWESOME, ONE OF MANY UNIQUE ACTS THEY HAVE SEEN.Christin Sandu performs CIRCUS act balancing – Father & Family performed in Circus industry