Cirque Du Soleil performer, Yann Arnaud dies after fall on Saturday 05/17/2018

TimeSplitters – Circus Theme

Melanie Martinez – Carousel

Happy Chinese New Year


No Clowning Around


Dress Your Own Clown with Circus DRESS UP.

Circus Krone Performance

Which Circus is in your town?

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Viktor Kee in Amaluna, Cirque du Soleil by Arte TV

This is an act that is just unbelievable. You will not believe your eyes when you see what skill this person demonstrates in this Circus Video.

Circus Jugglers on monocycles.

Checkout the greatest Juggling family. Not only are they juggling, but they also bring the monocycles out to show off their cool tricks.

Circus Games

 More Games are added monthly to’s Game Index.  Sometimes, randomly, 1 or 2 new games can be added on average every few days, so keep checking back., more games, more fun, more entertainment.’s objective is to have atleast 100+ games, so if you see the 100+ games here on, then you know our goal was fulfilled. Below are a sample list of games to choose from:

1. Circus Death Wheel

2. Circus Ride Game

3. Circus Game

Star of Beijing’s Circus

This act is one you have to see with your own eyes. These performers possess skills that are just great Eye Candy. Watch and see how you will appreciate their performance.

Julia’s pet carpenter bee.

Play with a pet Carpenter bee by a kid name Julia. Perhaps Julia will take care of his pet bee for years to come.

Circus Theme Music Player

Playing the accordian of one of his favorite tunes. He plays a song that is themed from the Circus of his passion and is reflected by the words he sings and plays at the same time.

Nitro Circus Video Stunts

This video contains all types of bicycle, motorcycle, skateboarding stunts in the sky, with daring stunts that are in your imagnation. Unless you have an imagination thats beyond possible and like to bring your imagination to life, you’re like most people who like to dream. These performers are living the dream of what people imagine in their minds.

Gorilla Eating Fruit

Gorilla in the Jungle enjoying eating his fruits. Gorilla loves his privacy.

Watch The Butterfly Circus

Movie 22:36 – This movie is great for children and families that enjoy the anticipation of going to a Circus. A great experience of imagery, fantasy, imagination, and excitement of being a kid at the Circus. Experiencing all the different skills and tricksters, clowns and pranksters. Amazing variety of people in this film, you shall not miss.

Movie Trailer ELYSIUM

Imagine Life on earth was the past. You escaped to another planet. The question is, would it have a circus?

Featured video by Ben Hopper

This video is unique in the sense that it is comprised of a series of skilled performers who are freely performing their skills, tricks and tactics.  This video is brought to you by Ben Hopper.

Dream Circus Story



Story Book Circus.  Kids having fun, kids enjoying with their parents and some kids get to invite or hang out with other kids.  Isn’t this the ideal thing to do as a child.  Parents had you guys to take you to the Circus when you’re a kid.  And the Adults love the Circus TOO!

The Magic of the Animals, People, and fun.  The Circus, evolves.

He can juggle!!!


In Real Time, Guy shows is tennis ball Juggling Act.  Although he was doing this freely on his own, was able to capture him juggling in real time, while almost caught off guard, he was able to take the challenge.

What a picture



A traditional picture that reflects the Circus.  Taking the family with the Adults & Kids to the Circus to see the dog show.  Jumping through the rings of no fire, the Circus Professional and Dogs depicts an image of a cultural and historic philosophy of the look and feel of a Circus.

Circus Performance big top



Will there ever be a Circus of this magnitude?  Will people in the audience really experience a true environment of many acts taking place simultaneously. challenges to bring the largest event to places throughout the world.

Circus juggling man



Circus Juggling Clown.  This Juggling Clown doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Circus performance

20130316-003411.jpgThis Circus act is for real.  The performers are broken up into various groups and concentrating on each of their individual group performances, and while they are performing, there are intermittent switches where one group integrates into another group’s performance, while the audience is blown away by the methodology and precision, transition and accuracy of successfully performing the trick, without a mistake.


Circus tent

20130316-003341.jpgHey Little kids, boys and girls, come under the Circus Tent.  Just imagine yourself headed to the Circus to see all the tricks, jumps, hoops and people having lot’s of fun.  Maybe you will see people flying through the air and showing juggling tricks, canon balls, and lots of family fun.

Circus act



Chinese Circus Performers Display their organized group at the end of the performance.

Circus Performance Balancing Act FAIL, but was it a success?

Check it out, this guy climbs the pieces of his high tower structure, and successfully balances for a few seconds, and WAH-LA!!! accomplished, he MADE IT, however, the judges needed to not vote for him, but indirectly, were saying to this guy that HE’S AWESOME, ONE OF MANY UNIQUE ACTS THEY HAVE SEEN.Christin Sandu performs CIRCUS act balancing – Father & Family performed in Circus industry